Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Toote ga nehi to jude ga kaise ?

"So you live in Delhi?"
Overseas airports are strange places at night- strange,cold and impersonal, yet you meet people who mattered the most or at least did once upon a time. The  coffee vending machine whirred and I payed up the slot machine and filled my cup.
" You haven't changed much!"
 Is he being polite?
I smiled. I have changed from a girl to a middle aged lady, from a teenager to a grand mom...I have changed in many ways, yet it was nice to hear some  one say I haven't changed.
Though I cannot say the same for him....He looked changed and different- older, richer, balder except for his eyes! So I still remembered his eyes?I smiled again and he smiled back. Wonder what he is going on in his head.The warm coffee was a balm to the chill. And the last 45 minutes of bumping into a stranger whom I knew so well was a twist in the tale.
The WhatsApp pinged, " Hope you are awake...Drink your coffee and don't fall asleep - See you and soon!" - The fixer and the breaker. I was surprised at my own thought. Really time dulls so much. And I heard my flight being announced.
"See you again!"
A handshake , a brush on the cheek and I was on my way out. This time I was not tempted to turn back and take a last lingering look, cos I knew I was going home.