Friday, 24 March 2017

Mr Mole

UNITED KINGDOM - CIRCA 1979: A stamp printed in Great Britain shows The Wind in the Willows (Kenneth Grahame), circa 1979And we have been living with this big,fat, stinky mole since God knows when. It has a way of finding a way in the house and digging into the kitchen bin despite me putting up all kinds of barricades at all the probable entrances.

This mole is certainly not cute and civil like the Mr Mole of Wind in the willows - Chibu's regular bed time read when he was a child - but this one is squeaky, noisy and poos at all odd corners and beats the pest control at all cost. Last night as I pushed the pedal of the kitchen bin with my foot , out jumps the creature on my foot and slid under the gad burner, while I screamed down the neighbourhood. Bhaskar probably thought I was having some kind of an attack and before he opened his mouth it was " What kind of fauji were you? You cannot even protect me from a wonder we had infiltrators....bla bla bla..." I raved and ranted....The mole peeped out and looked at B....." Ahhh look at his size and yours... He must be petrified of you....just like me!!!" The last was under his breath as he locked out the mole and the kitchen door .  Ode to all things big and small......

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