Tuesday, 7 March 2017

" But you don't say I love you anymore"- He complained as he watched her tinker around with the Sunday chores.
She sighed .... "I love you, do I have to say that? I keep your house sparkling, pillows fluffed and combs clean! Doesn't that show that I care ? What is love anyway?"
He sulked and she grimaced.
Life brings in that  monotony where love takes a backseat amid Sunday cleaning, shopping for the week, overseeing kids projects to be submitted and parent visits. She went into the kitchen and thought about it . I love you - how easy it was when they were dating , writing notes to each other and texting and saying sweet nothings out of the air. So where has love gone? She peeked at the mirror that she was polishing with a piece of wet newspaper - umm not out of the magazine cover surely and certainly not a person who will turn heads anymore!
Another sigh! It's been so long that she actually looked after herself, thought about what she wanted and did something just for herself. Putting others before self has almost become a habit.
"So where is the me ? The spontaneous, give two hoots to what others say, the carefree me?"
She put down the piece of wet paper , straightened her dress and patted her hair and walked back to the room where he was engrossed in the cricket match.
-" Let's go for a movie !"
-" It's a touch and go situation here. Come on.....come on ...INDIAAAAA" His eyes never left the screen.
Sigh and sigh ........and she finished her chores and picked up her mobile and booked a spa. A bit of guilt here as a thought crossed that the money could have been used somewhere else. But then again today is the best day - with the kids away at grandparents,and him being glued to the TV, this was the best chance to indulge herself.
As she picked up her purse, the pen fell out - and on a spur of the moment she scribbled "I love you....still" on a piece of paper and stuck it on the fridge
And this time instead of the usual sigh, she smiled....for in that instant she found the self that she had lost in time.
Happy Women's Day to all - though a day is not enough to dedicate to what we give a life time :)

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