Thursday, 2 February 2017

Misty morning and a railroad to no where...a far cry from the city I was visiting a week ago.
I had looked up at the skyscrapers and sighed.... I had wished  I was living here for a bit and not on a whirlwind. This city was my first flavour of traveling abroad. With its shimmer and sing-song accents  and glitter and all things legitimately sinful it was my first taste of all things glitzy and foreign.
And this was all so different , yet on my wish list for almost a decade and a half! It was barren and basic, yet the simplicity makes you realize you want  so little in life after all. The warmth of the people and the village boys and girls dancing lithely to the beat of the drums beats the discos across the globe.
Two different world, two attractive in different ways ......and the morning made me ask which one should I choose if i must, if I have to....Ahh mornings and solitude are never good for my head and my heart. And I ran into Saraswati poojo right here amid these village tribal school. Never thought I would offer anjali again, especially after the year that was mine, Chibu's and Baba's last poojo together. But then life has it's surprises - sad ends and happy beginnings...and to happy beginnings and to a railroad that takes one to a destination that makes you smile again ...cheers!!!!

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