Saturday, 29 October 2016

He was fascinated with the way she found every nuance of high life amazing and she found him amazing. From the way he walked the crossed legged walk, to the way he smoked and the curious ring on his finger with two letters snaked together.
She often asked him what it meant- to which he smiled mysteriously.
Life was like an ice-cream flavor - Blind love !
Till she found out the meaning of those two letters in the ring.
Till he lost his interest in teaching her about the skills in getting around the rich and famous. is not like blind love, and ice creams melt in the mouth or in the heart.
And years later one learns the ropes - She is a society damsel and he is all alone.
Do they meet ? May be not ....cos real life is far from reel, and protagonists live across they road yet they lose their feel.
Love remains blind in the end, cos if you had eyes you would see through the pretend :)

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