Saturday, 6 August 2016

A dream with a cream :)

I had this tin pencil box for a long time that said "Kwality ice cream, a dream with a cream". Kwality was quite in when we were growing up. For me and Mohua eating out on our own would be this place, as we never got the permission to venture far. The food, the place , the desserts all were oh so good! Infact, when Chibu was small on one of our walks to see the Phari fountain, he pointed to the place and said "Amaye olome jaigaye khwabe, ma?"Over the years the next-door Gariahat Kwality lost its sheen. Once I had stepped in , found it dark and seedy and stepped out immediately as I did not like the place. I forgot all about it and thought the place had actually closed down. Last afternoon Subarna changed her mind and said she wants to visit Gariahat Kwality. My first reaction was, but no one goes there anymore  ! I stepped in reluctantly hoping she would change her mind and we would go to a more happening place. But she was adamant. So we ended up with a decent meal, attentive stewards and the Tutti Fruity ice cream. The place still has scope for improvement, but we had a gala time reminiscing about where we sat with our family, friends and a surreptitious date (barir naker dogaye that was daring) In the end it was a good afternoon that took us back on time- quality time at Kwality 's !!!

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  1. Was this the spelling of that ice cream? Haha never noticed then