Saturday, 20 August 2016

Changes ....

House full of dust , sounds of hammer , a strange voice humming and Sunday morning.
Not my kind of morning really , as I take a sip of the coffee that came from the electric kettle in the bedroom as the kitchen remains dysfunctional.
Doing up an almost 40 years old apartment isn't easy and I woke up with the thought that I should have let it be least I could  come and spend some time in solitude and peace and dig up memories from the the years gone by....
I hear two strange voices from the kitchen and venture out into the swirls of dust. I see a kakima talking to the head mason in the kitchen.
"Oh aapni ?"
"Ami tomar bari dekhte elam ....bari theek korcho?"
What does it look like ? I am playing in the sand pit ?
I still keep a straight face and say " Hain..." I am cut short by " Kono khobor achche ? Cheler biye naki ?" What the heck !!!!
I keep the straight face with more effort and say " Na na ....or to biyer boyosh hoye ni ..." She looks me up and says " Aww....ekhon abar boyosh parche biye korche ! Ta..bari te ki tumi thakbe ?"
" Na...maane thakbo majhe majhe !" Totally unconvinced the lady was now  more interested about  the stone that was used on the kitchen counter, while I slipped away !
I continued with my mug of coffee and wondered about changes ...any change that is ... How many questions one has to answer. Questions that are inane and irrelevant and totally out of sync.
I also realized that I have become more mellowed and less ballistic , a contention that my husband and son will definitely refute - But I congratulated myself for not throwing a tantrum and keeping my fake smile on and not beginning the day with a temper show. Life and age are good teachers - that teaches you to be less melodramatic and take the back seat ....
And I wait for the house to be a home again...sigh ....

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  1. Demolition n renovation works seem to be doing wonders...blessing in disguise :-)