Friday, 9 September 2016

Friday morning rings.." O boudi, ami aaj ashte parbo na r shorir kharap!" Another phone, "Didi aaj khub shorir kharap ...kaaj hobe na !"The weekend begins with a bang!!

Bhaskar made tea and said "Take a break, let's go for a movie!" Some days turn out well unexpectedly, without planning and without a reason. I leave behind a house in all stages askew, I decide not to enter the kitchen, do the mounting chores, dress up and leave.
The movie was not so much to my liking really, a psychopath and three erring kids and each frame had me jumping out of my seat with gore and scream and the movie was apt - " Don't Breathe"!!! But despite that I enjoyed just strolling around, looking at all things I will never ever buy and ending up with Luchi and Kosha mangsho saying hoots to my salad -in -the -afternoon- to -lose -weight- before- poojo resolution and felt like time travel back.
This is the season for time travel, with " Baar baar dekho" releasing and poojo approaching. It's time to feel nostalgic and reminiscent and brood a bit!
In the movie hall, on a Friday noon show,  amid college bunkers and young couples I felt a bit alien - we were the only "retired" couple really ! But what the heck! This was just a day to turn mishaps into opportunities - and who has seen tomorrow?

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  1. time to unbutton the spirit and let it fly high...